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Immunization Forums

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 8:30am to 4:00pm

In Person & Live Streamed

UBC Robson Square 
800 Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Call for Poster Presentation Abstracts

Deadline extended to December 8th, 2023

Western Canada Immunization Forum 2024 invites individuals and groups to submit poster presentation abstracts that are relevant to the strategic goals and priority actions outlined in the links below. All abstracts must be submitted by December 8, 2023 using the relevant forms provided.

March 1, 2023

Welcome and Session 1 - Equity and Cultural Safety VIDEO

Welcome - Dr. Monika Naus, Medical Director, Communicable Diseases and Immunization Service and Elder Shane Pointe

Welcome from the Mnistry of Health: State of the Nation - Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, BC 

PDF – Vaccine Hesitancy in an Indigenous Community - Dr. Julie Bettinger, Elder Doreen Peter, Fairlie Mendoza

PDF – Updates to the BC Immunization Competency Course/Skills Checklist – Kathy Chilton


PDF – Embedding culturally safe practice considerations into the Immunization Skills Checklist – Bhavna Sharma


PDF – Indigenous Knowledge Translation – Harlan Pruden, Melanie Kurrein


Website link - Kids Boost Immunity and Indigenous Governance

Disscussion with Panel Members

Session 2: Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine Update – VIDEO


PDF – COVID/Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness – Dr. Danuta Skowronski

Disscussion with Panel Members

Poster Presentations VIDEO

PDF – Mpox vaccine uptake in transgender people and gay, bisexual and other MSM clients of the provincial STI clinic – Mark Gilbert

PDF – Invasive Haemophilus influenza type b outbreak among underhoused in Island Health, Allison Griffiths

PDF – Tailoring outreach strategies to overcome barriers to childhood immunizations in Fraser region – Meghan Martin

PDF – Measles coverage trends at the 7th birthday in British Columbia, 2014-2022 - Hannah Sell

PDF – COVID-19 vaccine safety among older adults aged 65 and above: A Canadian Immunization Research Network (CIRN) study, Phyumar Soe

PDF – Influence of prenatal care provider type on routine vaccination in first two years of life in British Columbia - Kate Twohig

PDF Characterizing Respiratory Syncytial Virus-Related Pediatric Disease Severity in Canada – Nirma Vadlamudi

Session 3: Best Practices – VIDEO


PDF - Creating a Positive Vaccination Experience with CARD: How to play your Best Hand – Dr. Annie Taddio

Commentary and feedback from the field - Annie Lau

Session 4: Vaccine Safety – What can we learn from… – VIDEO


PDF – Passive Surveillance - Dr. Monika Naus


PDF – Active Surveillance – IMPACT and CANVAS – Dr. Julie Bettinger


PDF – Administrative Data Linkages – Dr. Naveed Janjua


PDF – Special Immunization Clinic – Dr. Manish Sadarangani

Discussion with Panel Members 

Closing Remarks - Dr. Monika Naus

Day 1

Welcome - Dr. Monika Naus, Medical Director, Communicable Diseases and Immunization Service - VIDEO

State of the Nation - Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, BC - VIDEO

Welcome - Shane Pointe, Elder, Musqueam Nation - VIDEO

COVID: The Virus, the Vaccines, the Future – VIDEO (Session 1)

PDF - Coronavirus; What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it going? - Dr. Mel Krajden, Medical Director, Public Health Laboratory, BCCDC

PDF - Coronavirus vaccines - Dr. Joanne Langley, Researcher, Dalhousie University and Canadian Centre for Vaccinology

PDF - Pandemic to Endemic – Please Say it's True! – Future of COVID – 19 Immunization Dr. Manish Sadarangani, Director, Vaccine Evaluation Centre, BC Children's Hospital

Discussion with the panel


New Approaches to Immunization Communication – VIDEO

Introduction - Stephanie Meier, BSN, MPH, Senior Practice Leader, BCCDC

PDF - Learnings from Behavioural Science – Takuro Ishikawa, PhD, Behavioural Scientist, Behavioural Insights Group

PDF - The Immunization Infodemic – An Innovative BC Approach – Craig Thompson, BSN, MBA, Senior Director, PHABC / Lily Crist, French Education Director, Kids Boost Immunity, PHABC / Takuto Shiota, Public Health Association of BC

Discussion with the panel


Closing – Marion Guenther, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Immunizations, FNHA – VIDEO


Welcome – Bethany McMullen, Director, Immunizations, BC Ministry of Health – VIDEO


How could we integrate COVID-19 vaccine into routine immunization delivery? – VIDEO

Welcome: Emily Malnis, PHN, Immunization Leader, Vancouver Coastal Health


PDF - Brenda Tan, MD

Jonathan Spence, Public Health Immunization Program Leader

PDF - Bryce Wong, Pharmacist

PDF - Penny Ballem, MD COVID-19 Vaccine Rollouts and Immunization Efforts

Discussion with the panel: Katharine Chilton, Vaccine Educator, BCCDC

Racial Equity in Immunization – VIDEO

PDF - Introduction - Dr. Julie Bettinger, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist, Vaccine Evaluation Centre

PDF - Black Community responses to racism as evidenced by COVID vaccine uptake and attitudes  Stephanie Allen, Hogan's Alley Society

PDF - South Asian Community member experiences and feedback for improving COVID – 19 vaccine-related communications  - Gurvir Dhutt, MPH, Academic Assistant, Vaccine Evaluation Centre, BCCH

PDF - South Asian health experience with outreach and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines  Samantha Tong, Manager, South Asian Health Institute

First Nations Communities in BC – A whole of community approach - Marion Guenther, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Immunization, FNHA

Discussion with the panel - Rebecca Haber, Immunization Leader, Fraser Health

What's new and interesting? – VIDEO

Screening of 'Give it Your Best Shot' and Q & A - Link to Resource - Hana Mitchell, Pediatric ID, BC Children's Hospital

Link to Resource - Relaunch of the Immunization Communication Tool and Q & A – Katharine Chilton, Vaccine Educator – Communicable Disease & Immunization Services, BCCDC

Link to Resource - Update on Kids Boost Immunity & Clubs Boost Immunity and Q & A - Ian Roe, Content Strategist, BCCDC

PDF - New pneumococcal vaccines under review in Canada and Q & A Kyla J. Hildebrand, MD, MScCH Ped


Closing – Dr. Monika Naus, Medical Director, Communicable Diseases and Immunization Service – VIDEO 


In collaboration with First Nations Inuit Health and the government of Alberta, BCCDC hosted the Western Canadian Immunization Forum 2011 on December 7 and 8, 2011 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The primary audience was staff at all levels involved with immunization program delivery in Western Canada.

Wednesday December 7th, 2011

Morning Plenary Session
Introduction and overview of the program, new vaccine pipeline and prioritization process

New developments in vaccine safety monitoring: Canada and the World

Adverse events following immunization: Pathophysiology and Communication to Parents and the Public

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Breakout #1: Perspectives on Evaluating Immunization ProgramsBreakout #2: CRNBC Decision Support Tools and RN Scope of PracticeBreakout #3: Life Behind the Doors of Public Health: Technology and Cold ChainBreakout #4: HPV Vaccine: current research and future program directionsThursday December 8th, 2011

Morning Plenary Session:

Opening remarks

Kathleen Ness (Alberta Health and Wellness)

The rationale for introducing a 2nd dose of varicella (Canada) 

Using social media as an advocacy tool to communicate about immunization

Collaboration and Communication with Pharmacists who Immunize

The US Experience with the Introduction of Rotavirus Vaccine 

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Breakout #5: Ethical and disease prevention considerations related to alternate schedulesBreakout #6: Partners in Prevention (a BC-wide physician survey) resultsBreakout #7: Advocacy in Your Practice: ImmunizeBC's "I Have Immunity" campaignBreakout #8: Immunization as a Component of Comprehensive School Health

Immunize BC Forum

Thursday Presentations

Harriet Cooks - Opening remarks by First Nations Elder

Eric Young - Opening remarks from the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport

Monika Naus - Introduction and overview of the program

Samara David - Immunization uptake in BC adults

Danuta Skowronski - Scientific considerations for expansion to universal influenza vaccine policy

  • Permission for posting not obtained       
  • Permission for posting not obtained

Ian Gemmill - Implementation of the universal influenza immunization program in Ontario: Lessons learned

Beverly Hagar - Mandatory immunization of health care workers against influenza

Alison McGeer - Adult pneumococcal vaccine: Old and new

Michael Oxman - Zoster vaccine for older adults

Q&A panel with all Thursday presentersPearls from Thursday breakout sessions

Friday Presentations

Samara David and Monika Naus - HPV year 1 BC: Uptake of dose 1 and adverse events

Linda McCannell - Lessons learned in year 1 of the BC HPV program

Elizabeth Brodkin - Mature minor consent: Theory versus practice  Gina Ogilvie - Knowledge, attitudes and practice of parents of grade 6 girls in BC

Monique Landry - HPV year 1 in Quebec: Different perspectives, different outcomes 

Pam Orr - Epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases in First Nations people

Gail Peekeekoot - Erasing the lines: Public health service integration for First Nations communities

Q&A panel with all Friday presenters

Pearls from Friday breakout sessions and forum closing remarks


Forum on Immunizing in Schools

The proceedings of the morning plenary sessions from the “Forum on Immunizing in Schools” are archived below; permissions were obtained from the presenters for the posted presentations and accompanying audio.  

The goal of this two day forum was to share successes and lessons learned from school-based immunization programs in BC, with a focus on preadolescent/ adolescent age groups.  

Participants and presenters were mainly from the public health community, but also included those from education and clinical practice. The proceedings of the meeting, including afternoon breakout sessions, will inform the future work of the BC Immunization Subcommittee, which hosted this event, and implementation of the ImmunizeBC strategic framework on immunization.  

Day 1 Presentations

Overview, M. Naus

Immunization Rates and Trends, S. David

Legal Issues for Consent and Records, F. Gow

Health and Education: Partnerships in Practice, L. Buchanan

Building Relationships in Schools, L. Dukowski 

Day 2 Presentations

Differentiating between anxiety, syncope & anaphylaxis,  R. Gustafson 

Managing the pain of injection: the example of HPV vaccine, C. Jajeunesse

Using the mass module in iPHiS, A. Steele

Using PARIS for school based immunization, J. Reedjik

Lessons learned from year 1 of the HPV program in Nova Scotia , K. McGill

Lessons learned from year 1 of the HPV program in Ontario
B. Warshawsky

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