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2019 Zoonoses Symposium

Thank you for your interest and support for the BC Zoonoses Symposium!
Videos from our 2019 Zoonoses Symposium

Paul Hasselback, Island Health: Human Rabies case in BC

Amalia Plotogea, Public Health Agency of Canada:  Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak associated with exposure to feeder rodents in BC

Laurel White, Simon Fraser University:  Comparison of antimicrobial resistance trends between companion animals and humans in BC (link not available at the moment) 

Hanna Oltean, Department of Health, Washington State:  Washington State zoonoses update

Eva Weingartl, BCCDC and Jason Nguyen, Simon Fraser University: Trends in passive tick surveillance in BC Part one;   Part two 

Brian Radke, Ministry of Agriculture and Jong Kim, Northern Health Authority: Anthrax: animal health investigation and public health response

Jane Pritchard, BC Ministry of Agriculture: Detection of Asian Giant Hornets on Vancouver Island, BC

Cait Nelson, BC Ministry of Forest, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNORD):  Chronic wasting disease surveillance in BC

Nancy de With, BC Ministry of Agriculture; Bob Cooper, Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Bovine tuberculosis investigation in BC

Pam Rydings, BC Interior Health Authority;                                   Amanda Anderson, BC Interior Health Authority: Human trichinosis case in BC from bear meat

About the Symposium

The Zoonotic Disease Symposium is a collaborative, interdisciplinary forum that provides an opportunity for professionals from across BC to gather, network, and learn about health issues affecting animals and humans.  The Symposium program offers a broad range of topics that are relevant to professionals from a variety of disciplines. The agenda for this event will be made available closer to the date and will be posted on this webpage and handed out at the registration desk.

This year's session will also be available by Online Webinar for participants who wish to view remotely. Registration for the online webinar is limited, so please register early to ensure a seat.  If you are not able to attend after registering, kindly let us know so that your seat will be available for someone else.

The Symposium is made possible with the financial support of the BC Centre for Disease Control, the BC Ministry of Agriculture, and the BC Ministry of Forest, Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development.  

Videos from our 2018 Zoonoses Symposium last year 

Disturbance and disease: A spatiotemporal approach to assess forest disturbance events and Cryptococcus gattii occurrences on Vancouver IslandEmily Acheson, UBC

Brucella canis and imported dogs Carrie Flint, IDEXX Laboratories

Zoonotic pathogens in fish Michael Pawlik, BC Ministry of Agriculture

Zoonoses update from Washington State  Hanna Oltean, Washington State Department of Health

Canine influenza in Ontario   Maureen Anderson, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

Salmonella Enteritidis: whole genome sequencing from farm to fork   Marsha Taylor, BCCDC

Bats: Source of the next pandemic or clues to treating deadly viral diseases?   Vikram Misra, University of Saskatchewan

Setting the stage: Climate change and health  Craig Stephen, Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative

Case study 1: Cyanobacteria in recreational water     Eleni Galanis, BCCDC 

Case study 2: Wildfires – impacts on livestock health and production   Chris Zabek, Ministry of Agriculture

Case study 3: Winter is Coming – Winter Tick Surveillance in BC   Helen Schwantje, Ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development

Presentations from previous year's Zoonoses Symposium (2017) 

Sylvain Lother, PGY5 Infectious Diseases Fellow, UBC

Ann Britton, Ministry of Agriculture

Doris Leung and Kelsi Jessamine, Community Vet Outreach

Hanna Oltean, Office of Communicable Disease Epidemiology,
Washington State Department of Health

The Vancouver Rat Project: The impacts of a common rat control method on the carriage of Leptospira interrogans by urban Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Kaylee Byers, University of British Columbia / Canadian Wildlife Health Centre

Salmonella Enteritidis: whole genome sequencing from farm to fork
Natalie Prystajecky, BC Centre for Disease Control

David McIver, Metabiota

Case study: Norovirus in oysters
Eleni Galanis, BC Centre for Disease Control
Theresa Burns, Centre for Coastal Health
Charmaine Enns, Island Health
Natalie Prystajecky, BC Centre for Disease Control
Jackie Plamondon, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Lorraine McIntyre, BC Centre for Disease Control

Marine mammal zoonosis: should you be concerned?
Martin Haulena, Vancouver Aquarium and Joseph Gaydos, Sea Doc Society
Dionne Sanderson, First Nations Health Authority

Videos from our 2016 Zoonoses Symposium 

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