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Communicable Disease Control Manual

The purpose of the guidelines in the Communicable Disease Control Manual is to assist public health practitioners with decision-making about specific situations and support consistency of provincial public health practice.



The manual has an introduction and six chapters. (Download the table of contents.)


  • Preamble to the BC Communicable Disease Control Manual
  • Protocol for Guidance about Emerging or Unusual Situations and for Varying from Existing Guidelines
Download the Introduction.

Chapter 1: Communicable Disease Control

  • Outlines measures for the control of specific diseases and management of outbreaks.

Chapter 2: Immunization

  • Provides guidelines for the provision of immunization services.

Chapter 3: Infection Control

  • Gives direction for infection-control practices for health-care providers in BC.

Chapter 4: Tuberculosis

  • Provides guidelines for the screening, treatment and follow-up of TB in BC.

Chapter 5: Sexually Transmitted Infections

  • Provides guidelines for the treatment of STIs, outlines the procedure for syphilis follow-up and discusses HIV testing, counselling and public-health follow-up.

Chapter 6: Surveillance of Reportable Conditions

  • Provides provincial case definitions of reportable diseases, and processes for provincial surveillance reporting (e.g. minimum dataset definition, standard report form template, reporting timelines). Provides guidance on which jurisdiction should report a case of reportable communicable disease and how to document geography in Panorama so that appropriate reporting occurs.


The BCCDC regularly updates the guidelines in the Communicable Diseases Control Manual to reflect current best practice.

  • We publish updates immediately on these webpages.  
  • For the complete list of updates, or to print a copy of an update, see Admin Circulars. 


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