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Dairy Plant Licensing & Inspection

BCCDC licenses and inspects dairy plants on behalf of the BC government.



Dairy plants must be designed and operated in a hygienic and sanitary manner to reduce the likelihood of contamination of dairy products.

The Milk Industry Act and Regulations require that dairy products be produced in dairy plants that conform to the provisions of the legislation, including being in possession of a valid operating licence.

The Act and Regulations also specify standards for construction and equipment, dairy product quality (including strict microbiological and chemical controls), dairy plant worker certification, pasteurization requirements and other operational standards.

If you are interested in constructing a provincially licensed dairy plant, please contact Food Protection Services to discuss the application steps with a Dairy Plant Inspector. A detailed proposal including the building plans must be approved by Food Protection Services prior to the start of any construction. 

License renewal

Application for dairy plant / worker license – Please use this form when applying for or renewing a dairy worker license or a dairy processing plant license.

1Apply for a dairy worker license

Fill out the application dairy plant / worker license form and submit it following the instructions on the form. There is a $20 fee per dairy worker; the fee can be paid by cheque, money order or credit card. Licenses are valid until December 31 of the year issued. NEW - Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive an invoice directly from PHSA. Please follow the payment instructions that will be provided with the invoice. 

2Apply for a dairy processing plant license

Fill out the application dairy plant / worker license form and submit it following the instructions on the form. There is no fee for a dairy processing plant application. Licenses are valid until December 31 of the year issued. 



Authority to inspect dairy processing plants located in BC is granted under the BC Milk Industry Act and delegated by the Minister of Agriculture.

For provincially licensed dairy processing plants, BCCDC Food Protection Services exercises delegated authority and operates an outcome- and risk-based inspection system. 

This system relies on the knowledge and expertise of Food Safety Specialists who conduct onsite visits at every provincially licensed dairy processing plant to identify potentially high risk processes and situations and to assess sanitary conditions. The inspection of federally licensed dairy plants has been primarily delegated to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Dairy plants list


Finished product testing requirements

All provincially licensed dairy processing plants are required to submit monthly finished product samples to an independent laboratory for rigorous microbiological and chemical testing to ensure that relevant dairy product standards are met. 

If a finished product does not meet its relevant dairy product standard, follow-up action by the BCCDC is initiated and, depending on the case, can range from ordering a plant cleanup and follow-up inspection through to suspension of the dairy processing plant’s license to operate.

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