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Radiofrequency Toolkit

The Radiofrequency Toolkit helps environmental health practitioners assess and communicate the risk to health from exposure to the many devices which emit radiofrequency waves.

About the toolkit

The Radiofrequency Toolkit for Environmental Health Practitioners provides background on the physics of radiofrequency, its sources, measurement and exposure characteristics. 

The toolkit also includes an evaluation of scientific literature on potential biological and health effects associated with exposure to radiofrequency.

  • Cover – Cover Page 
  • Ack – Acknowledgements
  • TOC Table of Contents
  • Intro – Introduction
  • Section 1 – Executive Summary
  • Section 2 – Basic Physics of Radiofrequency
  • Section 3 – Sources of Radiofrequency  Electromagnetic Fields
  • Section 4 – Detection and Measurement of Radiofrequency Waves
  • Section 5 – Assessment of Radiofrequency Exposure to the General Public
  • Section 6A – Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Exposure: Cell Culture Studies
  • Section 6B – Biological Effects of Radiofrequency Exposure: Animal Studies
  • Section 7 – The Use of Electromagnetic Fields in Medicine and Its Effect on Patients and Health Care Workers
  • Section 8 – Health Effects Associated with Radiofrequency Exposure of Industrial Workers
  • Section 9 – Epidemiological Studies on the Risk of Head and Neck Tumours and Cancers Associated with the Use of Mobile Phones
  • Section 10 – Mobile Phones, Radiofrequency Waves, and Male Infertility
  • Section 11 – Neurophysiologic and Cognitive Performance Effects from Exposure to Radiofrequency Waves from Mobile Phones
  • Section 12 – Symptoms Attributed to Radiofrequency / Electromagnetic Fields
  • Section 13 – Radiofrequency Safety Guidelines and Standards
  • Section 14 – Strategies for Radiofrequency Exposure Reduction
  • Section 15 – Overview of Major Ongoing Research Projects on Electromagnetic Fields and Health
  • Section 16 – International Reports on Radiofrequency Exposures and  Health Effects
  • Glossary – Glossary of Acronyms

The Radiofrequency Toolkit was developed in response to requests from BC’s medical and environmental health officers to BCCDC for assistance in assessing and communicating the risk to health of the many devices and applications which emit radiofrequency waves. 

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