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Health Equity Videos

Videos providing a simple and quick overview of health equity concepts and issues for environmental health officers (EHOs) and health protection leaders

1. Health equity and how it relates to EHO practice


  • Consider how you would define health equity as it relates to environmental public health practice. How might you explain it to a colleague?
  • Can you think one example from your own practice in which societal barriers were preventing someone from complying with health regulations?         

2. Social determinants of health and how they impact practice


  • Which of the social determinants of health identified in the video do you think is most likely to affect people you work with?
  • Think of one example and consider how you might find out what barriers someone is facing? How might that awareness change the way you interact with someone?

3. How social determinants arise across different EHO practice settings


  • Think about each of the settings in which you work – how have social determinants of health impacted those settings?
  • For each setting, how might consideration of those social determinants change the long-term outcomes of your responses? 

4. How health authorities can integrate health equity lens to environmental health


  • If you were to articulate a vision statement for health equity for your department or health authority, what would you say?
  • What policies or frameworks could you leverage to place more emphasis on health equity?
  • What opportunities for collaboration between might be possible? Can you start the conversation?
  • Who are the vulnerable populations in your region? How could you find out more about their issues?

    Please note that the Equity and EPH Clearinghouse page has been removed.  Refer to this link instead for more resources related to equity and environmental health.

5. Concrete actions that individual EHOs can take to support health equity through their practice


  • What is one way you could consider health equity in your usual work? How might you communicate differently, consider people's social situations, or get behind an equity champion in your organization?
  • Which other professionals could you, as an EHO, work with when you suspect that social determinants are impacting your clients and your practice? Can you start the conversation?
  • If you were to set a goal to do one new thing to support health equity, what would it be?

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