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Vaccines Available in B.C.

Learn about the vaccines being used in B.C. and how they work.

Last updated: Dec 19, 2023

Vaccines teach the immune system how to recognize and fight off specific infections like COVID-19. They help protect you from getting an infection or getting seriously ill if you are exposed.

COVID-19 vaccines currently available in B.C. include:

Other vaccines have been authorized for use in Canada by Health Canada.

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How COVID-19 vaccines work

Vaccines work by teaching your body's immune system to remember and recognize a virus. Your body can then defend you if you are exposed in the future.

mRNA Vaccines

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are mRNA vaccines. These vaccines teach your body to make a piece of a protein from the COVID-19 virus using instructions from the virus, called mRNA.

The instructions tell cells in your body how to make part of a harmless protein from the virus. Once the cells make the protein, the instructions are broken down.

The cells display the pieces of protein they’ve created on the outside of your cell and your body recognizes that protein as foreign and develops an immune response. This response will recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19 if you are exposed later on.

mRNA vaccines do not change or affect your own DNA.

Protein-based vaccine

The Novavax vaccine is a protein-based vaccine. This vaccine has harmless pieces (proteins) of the virus that causes COVID-19 in it. The proteins are selected specifically to help trigger your body’s immune response so that your body knows how to recognize and fight the virus if you are exposed to COVID-19 later on. 

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