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The BC Centre for Disease Control has been accredited with exemplary standing by Accreditation Canada.

BCCDC has been accredited by Accreditation Canada since 2004. The most recent on-site accreditation visit occurred in June 2022. BCCDC was awarded Accredited with Exemplary Standing, the highest awarding level for a fourth consecutive cycle.

Accreditation Canada visits BCCDC every four years.

Accreditation Canada is an independent organization that provides healthcare organizations with an external peer review process. This assessment is focused on assessing organizations’ adherence to nationally recognized quality and safety standards. 

By participating in accreditation, BCCDC is able to showcase its best practices and ensure commitment to continuous quality improvement, patient safety, improved efficiency and accountability.

2022 Results

The following sets of standards were used by Accreditation Canada surveyors to assess BCCDC's programs and services during the on-site survey.

System-Wide Standards
  •  Infection Prevention and Control Standards for Community-Based Organizations
  • Leadership
  • Medication Management for Community-Based Organizations (For Surveys in 2021)
Service Excellence Standards
  • Ambulatory Care Services - Service Excellence Standards
  • Public Health Services - Service Excellence Standards
All criteria are categorized by level of importance, priority process, and quality dimension. 

BCCDC met 100% of tests for compliance in  all 14 ROP goal areas.

BCCDC was assessed against a total of 549 criteria. In total, it met 98.3% of high-priority criteria in each set of standards, and 98.7% of total criteria.

Accreditation Canada defines quality in health care using eight dimensions that represent key service elements. Each criterion in the standards is associated with a quality dimension. 

These dimensions are:
  • Population Focus (Work with my community to anticipate and meet our needs) 
  • Accessibility (Give me timely and equitable services)
  • Safety (Keep me safe)
  • Worklife (Take care of those who take care of me)
  • Client-centred Services (Partner with me and my family in our care) 
  • Continuity (Coordinate my care across the continuum)
  • Appropriateness (Do the right thing to achieve the best results) 
  • Efficiency (Make the best use of resources)
Overall BCCDC passed accreditation with meeting 98.7% of assessed criteria. 

BCCDC did not meet 7 criteria across 3 dimensions:
  • Client centered services:1 unmet out of 59 applicable (98.3% met)
  • Appropriateness: 5 unmet out of 207 applicable (97.6% met)
  • Efficiency: 1 unmet out of 14 applicable (92.9% met)
Work is currently underway to work with teams, patients and families to address these criteria to ensure quality of care.

BCCDC leading practices

Several BCCDC programs have been recognized by Accreditation Canada as leading practices, among them:

A leading practice is a practice carried out by a health or social service organization that has demonstrated a positive change, and is people centred, safe and efficient. 

Practices that are recognized as Leading Practices are published in the Accreditation Canada & HSO (Health Standards Organization) Leading Practices Library.

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