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How to Get PCR Test Results

Get your COVID-19 PCR test results by phone, text, email or online.

Looking to find out what a positive or negative test result means? Visit the Understanding Test Results page.

Last updated: February 1, 2024

The following options are available for people who had a COVID-19 PCR test. Health region specific options are also available, and details are provided further down this page.

  1. Results in person (the only option if you do not have a B.C. PHN)
  2. Results by phone
  3. Results online, by text message or email through the Health Gateway
  4. Results specific to your region
  5. Additional support

Get results in person

You can get your COVID-19 PCR test result by contacting a primary care provider, walk-in clinic, or primary care centre. 

Contact a primary care provider, walk-in clinic, or primary care centre if:
  • you do not have a personal health number (PHN); or
  • you have not received your result within 72 hours. 

Get results by phone

If you have a BC PHN, you can access your test results 24 hours/day by calling the BCCDC COVID-19 Test Result line at 1-833-707-2792.

Parents can call to receive results for their children. Have your BC PHN, date of birth and the date of your test ready when you call to get your test results.

The BCCDC COVID-19 Test Results line is not able to provide a printed copy of your result. To print a copy of your results, access your test results online through the Health Gateway.

Get results online by text message or email through the Health Gateway

You can get test results online and sign-up to get results by text message or email through the Health Gateway online portal. Health Gateway provides secure and convenient online access to your health records. Anyone 12 years and older can use it. Parents who register for Health Gateway can get COVID-19 test results for their children 11 years and younger.

View results online

To view your test results online, go to Health Records on the Health Gateway site and look for results in COVID-19 Tests Results and Other Lab Results. If you were tested for multiple respiratory illnesses, your results will appear in Other Lab Results.

Text and email notifications

You can get a text or email notification as soon as your results are available, day or night. You can also download and print a copy of your test results.

Using Health Gateway

To use Health Gateway to view your results you will need your mobile BC Services Card. If you haven’t used it before, get set up from your mobile device as soon as you have booked your test, so there is no delay in getting your results.

For more information about how to register, visit

Residents of some regions can also access their results through online services such as MyCareCompass. Check your health region below for additional options.

Regional options

Some people may already have registered for test result services within their health region. Many of these existing services can also be used to receive your COVID-19 test results.

My Care Compass

‎Residents of Vancouver Coastal and Fraser can use the My Care Compass to receive test results if they are aged 16 or older. To use My Care Compass, you will need to provide your Personal Health Number (PHN) at the clinic or collection centre when you take your COVID-19 test. You can register for My Care Compass at 1-888-522-7758.


My Health Portal

‎Interior Health region residents can check for COVID-19 test results online on My Health Portal.  My Health Portal support is available at 1-844-870-4756 from Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (PST).



Northern Health region residents who were tested in the Northern Health region can check COVID-19 test results and other hospital-based health information online through HealtheLife. To sign up for HealtheLife, schedule a virtual session from home to get your PIN. You’ll need to have government-issued ID, including your Personal Health Number (PHN). For more information about HealtheLife and to schedule a session to register, visit   Technical support for HealtheLife is available 24/7 at 1-877-767-1046.

Note: If your test was sent outside Northern Health for processing, your COVID-19 results may not appear in HealtheLife yet. If you can’t see your results in HealtheLife, check one of the other methods listed on this page.

My Care Compass
Northern Health region residents can also use My Care Compass online service to receive test results if they are aged 16 or older. To use My Care Compass, you will need to provide your Personal Health Number (PHN) at the clinic or collection centre when you take your COVID-19 test. You can register for My Care Compass at 1-888-522-7758.

My Health

‎Vancouver Island residents can check for their COVID-19 test results online at To enrol or get support for this service call 1-844-844-2219. Residents of this health region can also receive results by phone from the Laboratory Call Centre at 1-866-370-8355. This line is open Monday to Friday 7 am to 6 pm and Weekends from 8 am to 4 pm.


Additional support

Contact 8-1-1 and request translation services.

For the deaf and hard of hearing, contact 1-833-707-2792 using Video Relay Services (VRS). 

The Video Relay Services (VRS) provides sign language interpretation. It is free for registered deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired Canadians who use sign language. VRS is available when making telephone calls using Internet and cell-phone technology. 

Sign up with Video Relay Services and give them the number 1-833-707-2792.

You may have been tested for multiple respiratory illnesses. Check for results through the Health Gateway online portal:

Go to Health Records and look for results in Other Lab Results.

You will need to see a health care provider at a walk-in clinic, a primary care office, or primary care centre. 

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