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Interactive immunization infographic

There is a wealth of credible and important immunization resources. This tool collates and highlights information and key national and provincial immunization resources for health-care providers. 

To use the graphic, simply click on the graphic and hover over the immunization topic of interest.  A list of subtopics within that channel will appear. Select the subtopic of interest, then select the resource.

Clinical Resources

The following clinical resources can assist health care providers in their immunization practice.

These documents are developed to support immunization service providers in British Columbia. 

These documents contain supplementary information and should be used as a complement to the guidelines for the use of the vaccine contained in the Communicable Disease Control Manual, Chapter 2: Immunization

Question & Answer documents are dated to indicate the date of production. New information that reaches the public domain after the production date of these documents is therefore not incorporated, and practitioners must take responsibility to ensure they have the most recent knowledge and are using the most recent guidelines relating to the situation with which they are dealing.

Archived Q&As

New and Noteworthy


Changes to the Rotavirus Immunization Program

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

School-based HPV vaccine program expansion for 2017/18:

2016/17 school-based HPV vaccine program: 

Program for at-risk males:

Additional HPV Information:


Mengingococcal quadrivalent vaccine for grade 9 students:

Seasonal Influenza

Pneumococcal Conjugate (PCV13)


Print Resources

‎ImmunizeBC maintains several print resources for the public. For more information, visit their Posters and Pamphlets page. 

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