BC Drug and Poison Information Centre - Poison Control Service 1.800.567.8911           

Emergency Numbers

If you, or someone in your care, has chest pains, difficulty breathing or severe bleeding, it could be life-threatening. Call 911 or your local emergency number immediately. Further emergency contact information for physical and mental health resources are available below.

Ambulance, Fire, Police

Phone: 911

Poison Control Phone

Phone: 1-800-567-8911

Addiction Services (detox)

A network of direct and contracted addiction services for substance use problems, including counselling, needle exchange, opiate replacement therapy, withdrawal management and youth prevention.  
Phone: 1-866-658-1221

HealthLink BC

24-hour, confidential health information and advice.
Deaf or hearing-impaired: 1-866-889-4700
Web: www.healthlinkbc.ca

Other emergency numbers not listed here may be available throught Minstry of Health Services Toll-Free Information Lines.

Last Updated: April 14, 2010