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Dr. Robert Brunham

Head of the Vaccine Research Laboratory, BC Centre for Disease Control
Professor, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Dr. Robert C. Brunham is the Head of the Vaccine Research Laboratory at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC). Until 2014, he was also the Executive and Scientific Director of the BCCDC. Dr. Brunham is also a Professor of Medicine at The University of British Columbia. He has over 350 publications and an h-index of 55, as calculated by ISI’s Web of Knowledge. He is internationally regarded as an expert on infectious diseases and widely known for his research on Chlamydia, SARS and HIV. 

In 2005 Dr. Brunham received the CIHR Partnership Award for exemplifying research excellence by bringing health research communities together. His belief in seeking fundamental understanding of scientific problems while maximizing their benefit to society has been characterized by a career of partnership across the broad breadth of medical biosciences including molecular biology, clinical investigation and public health studies.

In Chlamydia research, Dr. Brunham is a world authority. He has made seminal contributions to defining the clinical features of infection in women, evaluating the impact of screening and treatment control programs, determining the underlying mechanisms of immunity, and discovering protective antigens suitable for vaccine development. He has innovatively analyzed the impact of public health efforts to control Chlamydia, deduced that the strategy is arresting the development of immunity and developed the rationale that a vaccine will be essential to Chlamydia control.

Dr. Brunham is well known for his work in elucidating the SARS genome, defining the characteristic clinical features of SARS infection and tracing its distinctive epidemiology to underlying network transmission dynamics. Using team science, he collaborated in accelerating the successful development of a vaccine for SARS.

Dr. Brunham’s contribution to understanding HIV is significant. He collaborated in determining the major role of chancroid in concentrating accelerated HIV transmission among high-risk groups in Africa and the major role of HLA molecules in HIV resistance and susceptibility.

For more information about Dr. Brunham's Chlamydia research, please click here.

To contact Dr. Brunham, please email him at robert.brunham@bccdc.ca

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