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Immunization Forum 2009

Thursday Presentations:

Harriet Cooks - Opening remarks by First Nations Elder              

Eric Young - Opening remarks from the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport
Monika Naus - Introduction and overview of the program
Samara David - Immunization uptake in BC adults
Danuta Skowronski - Scientific considerations for expansion to universal influenza vaccine policy
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  • Permission for posting not obtained
Ian Gemmill - Implementation of the universal influenza immunization program in Ontario: Lessons learned
Beverly Hagar - Mandatory immunization of health care workers against influenza
Alison McGeer - Adult pneumococcal vaccine: Old and new
Michael Oxman - Zoster vaccine for older adults
Q&A panel with all Thursday presenters                                             
Pearls from Thursday breakout sessions

Friday Presentations:

Samara David and Monika Naus - HPV year 1 BC: Uptake of dose 1 and adverse events                                                                      
Linda McCannell - Lessons learned in year 1 of the BC HPV program
Elizabeth Brodkin - Mature minor consent: Theory versus practice
Gina Ogilvie - Knowledge, attitudes and practice of parents of grade 6 girls in BC
Monique Landry - HPV year 1 in Quebec: Different perspectives, different outcomes 
Pam Orr - Epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases in First Nations people
Gail Peekeekoot - Erasing the lines: Public health service integration for First Nations communities
Q&A panel with all Friday presenters
Pearls from Friday breakout sessions and forum closing remarks
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