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Immunization Coverage: Children at the 2nd Birthday

Through the routine immunization schedule, infants and toddlers in British Columbia are offered vaccines protecting against up to 15 different diseases.

How do Children Get Immunized in BC?

  • Most infants and toddlers are immunized either by public health nurses at their local health unit or by their family physicians. 
  • Immunization records are kept for most children in British Columbia in the province’s immunization registry, called Panorama.
  • Panorama records are used to measure immunization coverage for children living in the Fraser, Interior, Vancouver Island, and Northern Health Authorities. 
  • Immunization coverage is measured for two-year-olds living in the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority by periodic surveys. 

Coverage Rates in BC

  • Generally, the percent of children who are fully immunized before their 2nd birthday has ranged between 65% and 71%.
  • 68% of children born in 2011 were fully immunized by their 2nd birthday.
  • When vaccine agents were considered individually, 76%-86% of children born in 2011 were up-to-date for age for each agent.
  • For more details, please see the 2 Year Old Coverage Report (updated in February 2014). 
Last Updated: November 27, 2014