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Diagnostic X-ray Facility Protection

Please note that the radiation program is currently under review. We appreciate your patience.

The purpose of diagnostic x-ray facility protection is to establish and promote quality diagnostic imaging at the x-ray facility while providing protection for workers and lowering patient doses as far as practicable.  

Diagnostic x-ray facility protection centers around quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC). An effective QA program in radiological facilities is defined as planned and organized activities required to provide assurance that the x-ray equipment and its components produce the highest quality diagnostic information with minimum doses to patients and staff. A QC program performed on x-ray equipment includes quality control procedures for monitoring, testing, evaluating and conducting corrective actions.

Radiation standards are based on the Radiation Emitting Devices (RED) Regulations (as amended in 2001), Health Canada Safety Code 35Health Canada Safety Code 20AHealth Canada Safety Code 28Health Canada Safety Code 30Canadian Mammography Guidelines, and other Health Canada publications

Diagnostic x-ray facility protection also requires adequate shielding of the x-ray facility itself. BCCDC has developed a set of easy-to-follow shielding guidelines and templates for various types of x-ray facilities. Advice on shielding matters can be obtained from a qualified radiation shielding design and assessment consultant. 

X-ray warning signs (printable)

An x-ray warning sign indicating that access is restricted to authrorized personnel only - must be visible to all those who would enter the x-ray room. 

An x-ray notice sign for possible pregnant patients.

An x-ray notice sign for Dental Offices for possible pregnant patients. 

An x-ray notice sign for Dental Offices for possible pregnant patients - no image

For registration of new and replaced medical x-ray equipment: 

  • Medical hospitals and clinics, submit form to the Diagnostic Accreditation Program (DAP); submit same form to RPS if requiring new tube control code
  • Chiropractic, Dental and Veterinarian facilities, submit forms to BCCDC: registration (pdf) and de-registration (pdf) forms of diagnostic x-ray equipment
  • Contact the BCCDC, Environmental Health Services for tube control codes

Presentation documents:

Health Canada's new Safety Code 35 - Large Facilities
Dr. John Aldrich's presentation slides 1-45slides 46-75slides 76-109Overview (including tables)
Dr. John Mayo presentation
DAP presentation
WSBC presentation and Impact document with 'must' statements (pdf)

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