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Dead Bird Reporting

Public reports of dead corvids (ravens, crows, magpies, jays) are useful for the surveillance of West Nile Virus in BC and should be reported. These particular species are targeted because they are very sensitive to West Nile Virus and often die from infection.

Corvid reporting online (no collection or testing)

In all areas of the province, you can report a dead corvid or a cluster using the online Corvid Reporting Form. Information on the location of dead birds is mapped and analyzed to detect areas of the province with greater than expected corvid deaths. Birds reported in this way will not be collected and tested for the virus by public health.

Corvid collection for testing purposes

There is no corvid collection of corvid mortalities by public health. Dead corvids from all regions should be reported through the online Corvid Reporting Form:

Clusters of 3 or more dead birds (any species) can be reported to the BC Wild Bird Mortality Call Line (1-866-431-2473) and collection may be conducted upon further investigation (BC Interagency Wild Bird Mortality Investigation Plan). 

Note: If you have found a dead bird other than a crow, raven, jay or magpie, please refer to these instructions on how to report the bird to the appropriate agency: BC Interagency Wild Bird Mortality Investigation Plan

Last Updated: August 6, 2013